Cookie Policy

1. What are Cookies

When the visitors land on the webpages of our Company, a small file, a so-called "cookie" (hereinafter as: "cookie") is downloaded on their PC which might serve different purposes.

Certain "cookies" that we use are indispensable for the appropriate operation of the webpage ("process cookies”), others collect information related to the use of the webpage (statistics) to make the webpage more comfortable and useful. Some "cookies" are just temporary and disappear when you close the browser while there are durable versions which stay on the computer for a longer period of time.

2. The purpose of cookies

To facilitate navigation, thus the use of the webpage by registering the visitor's settings and user habits.

To improve user experience, in such a way that we collect information about how visitors use the webpage, which pages they visit or use most frequently. Thus, we get to know how to ensure an even better user experience if they visit our website once again.

Collecting statistics whose analysis helps understand how visitors use further online services besides the website which we can thus further develop.

Further development and improvement of the website, fine tuning in line with visitors' needs and requirements.

Placing targeted advertisements with the purpose of presenting the most relevant offers to the visitors.

3. Types of cookies

3.1. Work process cookies

Work process cookies are required for browsing the webpage, for using functions, among other things they make it possible that the transactions made by the visitor on a certain site, function or service are memorized. Without applying the work process cookies the smooth operation of the webpage can not be ensured. They are valid during the visit itself, the cookies are automatically deleted at the end of the work process or by closing the browser.

Legal basis for data processing: Ensuring appropriate operation of the webpage takes place in accordance with Act CVIII of 2001 on certain questions related to electronic commercial services and services related to information society in accordance with the stipulations of paragraph 13/A (3) and the directives of the European Commission.

The cookies used by the webpage are the following:
PHPSESSID: technical cookie using work process ID

3.2 Cookies fostering use

These cookies make it possible for our webpage to track the operational mode (e.g. whether the webpage uses the Hungarian or English version, accessible version, how many findings appear in the browser’s result list so that you do not need to enter these once again on your second visit. Without the information stored in the cookies our webpage can function, though less smoothly.

The webpage uses the following cookies:
cookieconsent_dismissed: cookie required for the operation of the cookie regulation which stores the information whether the visitor accepts the cookie regulation
fixlanguage: cookie containing the ID of the actually used language
The legal basis for data processing: the visitor’s consent.
The objective of the data processing: to increase the efficiency of the service, to increase the user experience, to make the use of the webpage more comfortable.
Duration of the data processing: 12 months.

3.3 Cookies ensuring performance

The cookies ensuring performance make it possible for us to collect infromation concerning how visitors are using our webpage (such as which pages the visitors have viewed, how many pages they have visited, which part of the page they have clicked, how long each of the work processes were, what sort of error messages appeared, etc).

This is done in order that we can further develop our webpage (available services, functions, etc) in line with our visitors’ needs and to provide a high quality, user friendly experience for them.

In order to measure performance, our webpage uses third party cookies in case of each visit. By way of using the cookies we can track how many visitors are landing on the webpage and what content they are interested in. We store each piece of information anonymously so that we can guarantee high quality experience for our users.

The webpage uses the analytical cookies of the following provider:
Google Analytics the detailed information concerning the service is available at the following link:
Cloudflare the detailed information concerning the service is available at the following link:
The legal basis for the management of data: the visitor’s consent.
The purpose of data processing: to increase the efficiency of the service and the user experience, to make the use of the webpage more comfortable.
The duration of the data processing: 12 months.

4. Maximum security

It is important that the webpage does not memorize any login names and passwords even if the user authorize the use of cookies.

In case of accepting the cookies the user is safe to use our electronic banking services.

5. Controlling cookie settings, disabling cookies

Modern browsers allow the modification of cookie settings. Some browsers automatically accept cookies as default setting but this setting can also be changed in order that the visitor prevents automatic acceptance for the future. In case of resetting the browser is going to offer the option of choosing the use of cookies in the future.

We would like to draw the attention of our visitors to the fact that the purpose of using cookies is to support and facilitate the usability and processes of the webpage, in case of disabling the cookies we can not guarantee that the visitor will be able to use all the functions of the webpage. In this case the webpage may function differently in the browser than planned.

6. Further detailed information concerning the cookie settings of the following browsers

Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
Microsoft Edge


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